What I Do


Well almost :-) I'm a runner, and I say that with pride, I think it's the best thing to be. Health and Fitness is my passion and running is my personal avenue for achieving that. On a professional level, I am a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer.

Being certified is an amazing accomplishment, but my passion for people being healthy and fit goes way beyond a title.

I believe that true health and happiness starts at the physical level. At the same time the physical is deeply affected by the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. Our physical health is a reflection of what is going on inside us. We often attack or praise the physical. We say, "He's FAT" or "She's SO skinny" both statements may be true but those words "FAT" or "SKINNY" do not define those people. There's more going on.

I desire to help people become healthy and fit by looking at them as a whole person. I ask questions like: Who are they? What are their dream? How did they get to the point they are at now? What's hurt or broken and needs fixing? How can they make health and fitness THEIR OWN? How does it fit into their individual life? How do I find that inner athlete and help bring it to the surface?

I know you wanted to read a simple answer and I just gave you a sappy story. It's all true though, but to break it down, here's what I offer:

Personalized Fitness Plans
Personalized Meal Plans
Fitness & Exercise Instruction
Assistance with personal goal setting and achievement
Accountability and Motivation for whatever your goals are

oh... and I'll kick your butt in a workout!