Sunday, May 8, 2011

physical follows mental

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how connected the physical and mental are.  They just can't be separated.  I notice this a lot with running.  When I'm not in a good place mentally then I'm not a very good runner.  I run slower, or shorter, or NOT AT ALL.  On the flip side when my mind is in the right place and I believe in myself, I do better than I even think I can. 

So many things affect our mental state - health, rest, achievements (or lack there of) others comments (or lack there of) family, friends, daily stress or struggles....the list could go on and on.  In every situation there is a chance for our mental status to be encouraged, or there is a chance that it could be wounded.  Whenever we are wounded mentally it transfers over to our physical body.  That means we could feel tired or sick, or do poorly at a workout, or lack self-restraint or motivation.

It's easy to immediately blame the physical without taking into account the metal stressors that may play into the physical problem. 

If you are feeling depleted physically consider that mental stressors in your life and work toward changing them.  Maybe you are doubting yourself, based on someones comment or the # on the scale.  Maybe you are mentally drained from work or family and so you don't have the physical energy to really push yourself. 

You're challenge this week is too concentrate on being in a good place mentally so that it transfers over to everything physical in your life. 

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