Monday, November 29, 2010

Yasso 800's Marathon Training

In running circles there are certain terms that you hear all the time... PR, tempo runs, fartlek, ITBS, intervals, splits, Plantar Faciitis & Yasso 800's. However, just because you run doesn't mean you automatically know what all those words mean. It takes have to read about running, run more races, talk to other runners, train more. Overtime all the running jargon sinks in and becomes 2nd nature.

Just this fall I finally learned what Yasso 800's are. I'd heard of them for a long time, but never cared what they were. "800's" communicates short distances; and since most of my training is for 1/2 Marathons or Marathons - I was uninterested. That is until my husband told me that Yasso 800's can guarantee you a marathon goal time if you train with them. - OK, now I'm all ears. So what exactly are they?:

The concept is simple. If you can run 10 - 800's at the Marathon Pace you are shooting for then you are good to go. In other words, If I can run 10 - 800's, each at 3:40 pace, then I can run a 3:40 marathon...and qualify for Boston.

So, since I want to qualify for Boston, I've decided to give the training method a shot. Most training plans offer no guarantees but Yasso 800's do sound promising. Today marks the first day of following this training plan. I already like Bart Yasso (the creator of Yasso 800's) however if I qualify for Boston come June 11th, I will be a sold out Bart Yasso fan.

In the meantime - I've got lots of running to do.

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