Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Training Runs

Most of life goes by without fanfare. Even though everyone posts the exciting moments of life on Facebook. Well, not everyone. Too often I read that someone's baby slept or precipitation happened to occur in their region of the world. BUT... I'd like to think those are the exceptions to the majority of posts which proclaim, "life is great, I just did something extremely meaningful, I am thriving and happy, etc..."

The truth is though that most of life is ordinary and routine. Not post worthy and at times can feel pointless. However, without those mundane moments there would be nothing grand.

Yesterday I coined the phrase, "training runs" to describe these moments in life. In running, not every run is glamorous. You don't win, or PR or see amazing scenery...you just run. There are so many days that I run, not because I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I CAN'T WAIT TO FEEL THE FREEZING COLD WIND IN MY FACE FOR 30 MINUTES...but because I know I should. There is a goal, and I know that this measly 4 mile run will advance me toward the goal. It's just a training run. Nothing more.

Most of life is, "just a training run". You do the things you do in order to achieve the goals you have.

Or... perhaps you don't have goals and you aren't achieving anything. In that case it might be a good idea to look at your "training runs". Maybe you never started them. Maybe it got too cold or uncomfortable or busy. Maybe it's too overwhelming to train, you just want to see an end result and since you can't, you quit all together. DON'T! Keep going, keep training, keep repeating GOOD routines. Don't tell me about them on Facebook, but keep doing them. Someday they will amount to something post-worthy.

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