Friday, December 24, 2010

New Year's Resolution - really???? what's the point?????

It's the day after Christmas. New Year's Resolutions are right around the corner. Most people have a resolution in mind but they're not planning to implement it yet. 5 more days to "live it up" In fact, often we go in the extreme opposite direction of the New Year's Resolution we're planning to enforce come January 1st.

Example: I resolve to stop drinking pop in 2011 - therefore, I'll chug a pop every hour from December 24th - 31st just so I get my 2011 yearly quota in before January 1st.

Example: I resolve to workout for 30 minutes every day in 2011 - So...since I know how miserable that'll be, I better rest up these last few days in December. I'd hate to have a little boost to my resolution come January 1st.

I think this mentality of starting off the New Year in the red is ludicrous. If you truly want change, you'll change NOW. Planning to change is a recipe for disaster. You're heart isn't in it, you don't really want it. A true desire for change doesn't require 10 steps backward as a jump-start. It takes off from whatever point it is at, not wanting to lose any ground.

On the flip-side, even though movement toward change should be immediate; 180 degree change rarely happens. That's another problem with the whole, "I'll drown myself in ice cream since I'm quitting it cold turkey in the New Year" mentality. I believe that change is a process. It takes dedication, daily effort and longevity. Expecting yourself to do a complete reversal as the clock strikes midnight is setting yourself up for failure. It's the reason why the gym is packed for the 1st 2 weeks of January and then back to slim-pickin's till April when swimsuits hit the clothing racks.

I challenge you to evaluate that not-too-distant New Year's Resolution you've been using to squelch your guilt for not living the life you truly desire NOW!

If you really want it, why not start moving towards it now? Notice, I said, "moving towards it" Not magically becoming it.

It starts with one step in that right direction. It's time to allow yourself to thrive, to do BIG things, believe in yourself, stop doubting your self-control.

If a change in date is all that's truly needed for change, there would be a lot more progress in the world. It takes something bigger than that. It takes belief in yourself and the change you desire. Stop doubting and go for it!

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