Sunday, April 10, 2011

Self-Absorption vs. Introspection

If you are on a journey to lose weight or become healthier or more fit; at some point you may have had a little voice in your head that told you that you were or are being selfish and self-absorbed to spend this sort of time and effort on yourself.

I want to tell you now that YOU ARE NOT BEING SELFISH OR SELF-ABSORBED. What you are doing is self-care and introspection, meaning you are taking the time to care for yourself and exam the areas in life you need to improve in. Self-absorption leads to a false reality, introspection and self-care leads to insight, truth and ultimately change.
We all have times in our lives when we must concentrate on ourselves in order to survive.

So, feel good about the times that you take the time to care for yourself, whether that be exercise, rest, good-eating, quietness, etc.

You are taking the time to improve yourself so that in turn you can be of greater benefit to those around you.


  1. audrey, this is a great perspective. One I need to look at daily.
    Thank you!

  2. I really had to get over feeling like I was being selfish when I was leaving my kids to get that long run in on Saturdays. But I finally realized that it was helping me to be a better me which translates into a better mom and wife. And that's worth a little time away from my responsibilities at home!

  3. Right on Jen!
    Yes, I'm no fun to be around without my "sanity" run.