Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Change is never comfortable - NEVER!  So, thinking that changing your any aspect of your lifestyle (diet, activity level, routine, activities etc) is going to be one pleasant ride, is not realistic.  However, once a change has been implemented it can become COMFORTABLE!  It takes time though.

Because of the lack of comfort involved in changing your habits, it's easy to say, "I can't" when it comes to making that change.  It's easier to say I can't give up or change  _      _(you fill in the blank)_      _ than to actually go through the process of change in order to give up or change that thing. 

That being said: proves that, "I can't" isn't the real problem.  Instead, "I don't want to" is the real reason behind a lack of change. 

This week I challenge you to evaluate anything you've said, "I can't" to.  Ask yourself, is "I can't" really the truth or is it really, "I don't want to"?


  1. It's so sad that I already know that it's an "I don't want to" thing instead of I can't. I need to change my eating. Change is not comfortable but I like how you said that after a while it can be. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. That last comment was from me. I didn't know my daughter was still signed in. Oops.

  3. Funny - I thought "who is that?" I think changing our eating habits is one of the hardest things. There are so many underlying issues with eating that people don't think about. It is possible though - PERSEVERANCE OVERCOMES!

  4. I was completely an "I can't change", "I can't give up" & an "I can't do" girl. This process with you since January has taught me that I can change, I can give up & I can do anything I truly want to & set my mind to. It's definately not always easy or comfortable but it can be done.