Thursday, March 10, 2011

Consistency Is Crucial!

In order to make any progress in your personal health and fitness you must be consistent.  Consistency is important in every area of life however it is often disregarded when it comes to eating right or exercising regularly. 

We all know that we must brush our teeth every day in order to avoid a mouthful of cavities.  We know that we must bathe daily in order to stay clean.  There are so many things that you must do every day; eat, sleep, bathe, brush your teeth. If you skip a few days on any one of those things, the results will be very unpleasant. 

The same is true of healthy eating & exercise.  It is something you must be consistent in.  The body NEEDS daily exercise. The body NEEDS to be fueled RIGHT every day.  Skipping a few days of exercise or a few days or healthy eating will yield BAD consequences. 

Start viewing care of your health and fitness as a daily routine.  BE CONSISTENT, NOTHING LESS WILL WORK!


  1. I want to file a complaint on this whole idea of consistency... Who do I see about that?

  2. I think you'll have to take that one up with the Surgeon General or possibly even God. Good luck with that!