Sunday, March 27, 2011

Health Management: a twin to money management

I signed up to go through the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Program and a lot of what I’ve learned in regard to smart money management can be applied to physical health as well as financial health. Here are 4 principles that stand out to me:

1st – It’s all about delayed gratification. Losing weight and becoming fit is a matter of having the patience to persevere when you are tired and not expecting instant results

2nd – It’s about investing in things that matter. We all know that “we need to take care of ourselves” however we often put everything else before our own health. Sometimes we feel selfish by taking the time to care for ourselves, or we diminish how important the investment our own health is. Well let me tell you, “Your physical health is AN INVESTMENT THAT MATTERS” It should be at the top of your priorities because without your health you no longer have the ability to invest in anyone else.

3rd – Now is the perfect time to start! In all actuality there is no “perfect time” to start eating healthy, or exercising. There will always be something standing in the way if you let it. It’s easy to put off making needed changes till everything in life is calm. Let me assure you, it will never be that way. That being said, there is no better time to improve your health than NOW!!!

4th – You won’t regret the hard work you put in now! I’ve never heard someone say, “If only I hadn’t exercised all those years.” Or “I just wish I’d hadn’t cared that my food choices were leading to a heart attack” It just doesn’t happen! I guarantee you will NEVER EVER regret all your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle. However if you choose not too, you may always regret it.

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